The Municipality of the District of Lunenburg operates out of 210 Aberdeen in the Town of Bridgewater, a building that opened in 1970. Since that time, the scope of municipal services has changed substantially.

The condition of this 47-year-old building has been the topic of discussion for nearly a decade, beginning in 2009, when Council directed a firm to undertake a Space Needs Assessment and Options Report. Both the 2009 report and the most recent report from Catalyst Consulting identified building deficiencies in air quality, security and work space. In addition, the building does not meet soon-to-be-introduced provincial accessibility legislation.

Over the past few years, Council has delayed significant investments in the building, with the understanding that in the near future, a decision would need to be made about the building.

It’s time to decide the future of this building. Initially, three viable options were identified as potential solutions to the space and safety concerns.

1. Renovating and adding more space to the existing building.

2. Renovating and leasing space.

3. Building a new office on Nathan Cirillo Drive and selling the current building.

In May 2017, Council approved a motion to hire a Project Manager to determine an accurate and detailed cost analysis of all three options. After further review, the decision was made not to pursue Option 2, renovating and leasing space, as it would be more expensive than the other two options, and would not resolve the issue of having staff in different physical locations.

The Project Manager has completed his report, and it’s attached below. It’s also available at 210 Aberdeen.

Though it’s clear that investing in a new building would be the most fiscally responsible choice, we recognize the importance of resident input into this project. We’re asking residents to review the Project Manager’s report, and provide feedback by:

  • attending an open house on November 6 or 16, from 6 – 8 pm in Council Chambers.
  • filling out a paper survey, or the online survey before November 17. The survey is open to all residents of the Municipality, and asks for resident input on the issue.

2017 Administration Building Project Manager Report

Complete the survey