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In December 2016, the CRTC made a ruling that high speed internet is a basic service, just like the telephone. Reliable internet access is now a basic need, whether you are a student, a small business operator, or a resident trying to access government services. Access to high-speed internet is of critical importance to the District, and a key priority for our Council. Large sections of the municipality do not have access to reliable high speed internet service. This is affecting our citizens’ quality of life, and is preventing new residents from moving to our communities.

The District has taken advantage of opportunities to improve services:

  • Applied for and received $75,000 from the provincial government for a pilot project to construct a fixed wireless internet service in the Sweetland area.NCS Networks will operate the fixed wireless service.
  • The federal government announced a $500 million Connect to Innovate fund to support internet projects across the country. The District submitted a joint application with an Internet Service Provider (ISP) which would see the municipality invest up to $246,800 in internet infrastructure, if approved by the federal government.
  • The District also provided letters of support for two additional project applications made by other ISPs.

The District’s 2017/18 budget also includes an investment in a long term strategy on how best to expand access to reliable high-speed internet.

  • The plan will take into consideration the provincial government’s “Middle-Mile Strategy,” which is expected to be released in 2017.
  • The plan will build on the knowledge and partnerships the District has developed in pursuing the short-term opportunities.
  • Community members have been very active on this issue, and the municipality will continue to engage citizens on this important issue.

For more information about the issue, please contact Dave Waters, Economic Development Officer at (902) 530-3043 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.