Since our last Subdivision By-law Review 18 years ago, the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg has undergone many changes. Considerable growth has occurred at the edges of the three towns the Municipality surrounds.

We are undertaking a review of the Subdivision By-law and Infrastructure Design Standards as an opportunity to address current shortcomings and ready the Municipality for the future. We intend to develop a new By-Law that will encourage responsible development and continue to make our Municipality attractive to both residents and economic development.

The Process

The review of the Subdivision By-law has been ongoing. Throughout the process there has been opportunities for the public to provide input. As the discussion continues there will continue to be opportunities for the public to provide input into the decision-making process.

To date the input opportunities, include:

  • Developers stakeholders focus group
  • Private Road Residents Focus Group
  • Two Open Houses
  • Online and Paper Survey
  • PAC meeting specific to the survey’s results, which included public comment received through that format.
  • Fire Service providers were asked to provide input and identified issues with providing service on roads in MODL.
  • Written Submissions throughout process
  • Four PAC meetings since a draft document was prepared (Jan 11, 25, Feb 15, April 12, April 26)
  • One-on-one feedback to Councillors and PAC members

Currently, the Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) is reviewing elements of the Subdivision By-law and Infrastructure Design Standards. 

Next Steps

A revised By-Law will be presented at the next PAC meeting, to be held Thursday, May 24 at 7pm in Council Chambers. Those wishing to provide their input on the revisions are encouraged to attend, or send their thoughts by email to Jeff Merrill, Director of Planning and Development Services at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..