Beginning in April 2017, municipal staff will work with the Oakland Area Advisory Committee (AAC), to review & update the existing Oakland Secondary Planning Strategy & Land Use By-law. A copy of the existing planning documents for Oakland can be found HERE.

A number of Committee meetings are expected to be held over the next several months. AAC Meetings are open to the public. Any resident or landowner interested in the Plan Review process can attend.

Preliminary agendas for AAC meetings are available to interested parties through an e-mail Public Notice, sent out approximately one week prior to a meeting date. You can subscribe to the Oakland e-Notice list serve here: LINK

This particular webpage will be updated over the course of the Plan Review, as information and materials from past meetings are posted. You can contact Douglas Reid at the municipal offices (902-530-3480). 

Updated to: October 12th 2017.


The next meeting date for the Oakland Plan Review will be: THURSDAY October 19th 2017, starting at 7.00PM

MEETING LOCATION: Indian Point Fire Hall


Thursday October 19th 2017 (Meeting #10) - preliminary Agenda

DRAFT Policy, for Committee Review & Discussion, on Environmental Protection, Signage, Administration (14p)

Meeting Minutes


Wednesday October 4th 2017 (Meeting #9) - preliminary Agenda

Staff Memo on Shipping Containers (3p)

Update - Results of August 23rd Public Input Questionnaire #2 (4p)

revised DRAFT Policy, for Committee review, on Ocean Shoreline Designation (2p)

Meeting Minutes (not yet ready)


Wednesday August 23rd 2017 (Meeting #8) - preliminary Agenda

Questionnaire #2 - FEEDBACK FORM on Commerical Development in Plan Area. PLEASE NOTE: Questionnaires can be returned by Sept. 8th

Plan Review Handout

Meeting Minutes


NOTICE sent as July 25 Mailout to Oakland Plan Area residents re: August 23rd meeting.


Wednesday August 9th, 2017 (Meeting #7) - Preliminary Agenda

DRAFT Policy, for Committee review & discussion, on Ocean Shoreline Designation (7p)

Comparison Table : identified Prohibited Uses / Restricted Developments in Oakland / Blockhouse / Princes Inlet planning documents (2p)

Meeting Minutes


Thursday July 20th, 2017 (Meeting #6) - Preliminary Agenda

Staff Memo on Site Plan Approval process. (3p)

Staff Memo on "Listed Uses" framework for Commercial Developments. (3p)

Update - Results of June 13th Public Input Questionnaire #1 (2p) 

Meeting Minutes


Tuesday June 20th, 2017 (Meeting #5) - Preliminary Agenda

DRAFT Policy, for Committee review, on Environmental Zone Designation - Protected Water Area (6p)

Meeting Minutes


Tuesday June 13th, 2017 (Meeting #4) - Preliminary Agenda

Questionnaire #1 re: Zoning for Highway #3 section of Oakland Plan Area. PLEASE NOTE: Questionnaires can be returned by July 10th

Plan Review Handout

Meeting Minutes

**Identified for Follow-up: A List identifying current Prohibited Uses in Blockhouse / Princes Inlet v. current Restricted Developments in Oakland


Wednesday May 31st, 2017 (Meeting #3) - Preliminary Agenda

DRAFT  Policy , for initial Committee review, on a "2" Rural Zone Designation framework (10p)

Meeting Minutes


Wednesday May 24th, 2017 (Meeting #2) - Preliminary Agenda

Staff Memo on Zoning Designations . (5p)

Meeting Minutes


Tuesday April 25th, 2017 (Initial Meeting) - Preliminary Agenda .

Staff Background Report . (Note: PDF file is large)

Copy of Public Advert .

Meeting Minutes