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Final Report of the Sherbrooke Lake Access Advisory Committee

The final report of the Sherbrooke Lake Access Advisory Committee is now available. Please click here for a copy of the full report.

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Public Consultation Report Released

Thank you to everyone who took the time to share their opinion! The survey team has analyzed this feedback and produced a consultation report, available below with two different levels of quality / file size:

  Public Consultation Report - Higher Quality (PDF, 10.6 MB)

  Public Consultation Report - Lower Quality (PDF, 4.9 MB)  


Sherbrooke Lake, located in Lunenburg County, is a 15-minute drive east of the community of New Germany and a 35-minute drive north of Bridgewater. The lake is home to permanent residents, lakefront cottages, and a summer camp; however, it does not currently have a dedicated space for the general public to enjoy the lake.

For over three decades the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg has identified public access to large bodies of water as a priority for its recreation network.

In 2003 the Municipality developed and adopted its Open Space Strategic Plan. The plan formalized a variety of priorities for acquiring and developing open space recreational land. Public access to Sherbrooke Lake was identified as a priority.

In 2010 the Municipality reviewed and updated the Open Space Strategic Plan to reflect the completion of some projects and to ensure the original priorities were still applicable. The Plan placed access to Sherbrooke Lake as one of the Municipality's top five open space priorities.

Council is now exploring options for how public access on Sherbrooke Lake should be designed.

Access Advisory Committee

Council established the Sherbrooke Lake Access Advisory Committee to provide broad based community advice to the Municipality, provide options available for establishing public access to Sherbrooke Lake, and to engage the public using various methods to ensure community input throughout the process of determining public access to Sherbrooke Lake.

The Committee is made up of municipal staff and ten volunteers drawn from permanent lake residents, cottage owners, and residents of the larger community. The Committee includes volunteer residents from both the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg and the Municipality of the District of Chester.

Access Advisory Committee agendas and minutes are available at the bottom of this page.

Public Consultation

The Municipality has not yet selected land on Sherbrooke Lake or made any decisions about what kinds of features or amenities would be provided at an access point. No decisions have been made.

Before making any decisions about the location and design of public access to Sherbrooke Lake the Municipality and the Access Advisory Committee believe it is important to hear from you. Your opinions will help the Municipality understand what kind of access will best serve you, your family, and the greater community.

The Access Advisory Committee hired UPLAND as an independent third party to collect opinions and develop ideas for what type of access should and could be provided.

Public consultation included:

    • A survey
    • Public open houses in Maplewood, New Ross, and Halifax
    • Focus group

Advisory Committee Documents

Please click the links below for Sherbrooke Lake Access Advisory Committee documents. For more information, contact Trudy Payne, Director of Recreation Services, at (902) 541-1333 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.