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Area Advisory Committees (AACs) advise the Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) on planning matters affecting a specific area. Because the Municipality has multiple Secondary Planning Strategies, local plan areas may be unique in terms of their community visions, directions of land development, and specific provisions in their Land Use By-law. AACs review major development proposals and changes to planning documents before such matters are discussed in the Municipal Council. This is to ensure the input of local knowledge and to encourage public participation in planning process.

As of 2019, MODL has 6 Area Advisory Committees:

  1. Blockhouse
  2. Oakland
  3. Princes Inlet & Area
  4. Riverport & District
  5. Village of Hebbville
  6. Hemford Forest

Planning matters in the Osprey Village and Municipal Industrial Park Plan Areas go directly to the Municipality's Planning Advisory Committee (PAC).

Volunteers from the Plan Areas express interests to serve in one of the AACs, and are appointed by Council to serve on an AAC, which is typically comprised up to 7 public members and 1 Councillor. Each AAC has procedures written on its Terms of Reference.

When there is a planning matter in their Plan Area, the respective AAC is called to a meeting to make recommendations to the PAC in the best interest of their communities. Although the recommendations are advisory in nature, Municipal Council considers such recommendations in the decision making process.

Area Advisory Committee Minutes