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The Municipality is committed to seeing a straight pipe free Lower LaHave River by 2023.

The Municipality has developed a Wastewater Management District, and all properties within the District are required to demonstrate the existence of approved systems. If an approved system is not in place, property owners would apply to the Municipality for the replacement of their straight pipe. MODL will manage the design and installation of an approved on-site septic system for the property.

The project is based on full cost recovery for the Municipality: any program costs not recoverable via federal and provincial grants will be recovered from property owners who benefit from the replacements. The majority, but not all of the program costs, are eligible for two-thirds cost sharing from the federal and provincial governments, resulting in the benefitting property owners contributing a little over one-third of the total project costs. The property owner will have up to seven years to pay off the cost. At the end of the seven years, ownership of the system will transfer to the property owner.

Properties were eligible if:

  • They are in the Wastewater Management District (see the pdf Wastewater Management District Map (897 KB) )
  • There is a straight pipe on the property;
  • The owner agrees to pay for any capital costs not covered by grants and maintenance costs of the new septic system.

How can I learn more?
Interested residents can call Maria Butts at 902-541-5300 or email mThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.