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Join the Mayor, Councillors and staff to learn about the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg's accomplishments and plans for the upcoming year. Each event will include a presentation from the Mayor, a Q&A session, and small group discussions about the Municipality's strategic priorities for 2020/2021.

If you cannot attend a meeting, please submit your thoughts via our survey before November 12, 2019:

Tuesday, October 1
Lunenburg & District Fire Hall
25 Medway St, Lunenburg

Wednesday, October 2
Big Tancook

Monday, October 7
Tri-District Fire Rescue Station 1
3785 NS-325, Newcombville

Monday, October 28
West Dublin Hall
10 Huey Lake Rd, LaHave

Tuesday, October 29
Blockhouse Fire Hall
510 NS-325, Blockhouse

Tuesday, November 12
Barss Corner Community Hall
891 Barss Corner Rd, Barss Corner

Currently, the Municipality cannot and does not mandate property owners to improve or maintain private roads. Problems arise when an emergency occurs. In certain cases, fire trucks and Emergency Health Service ambulances cannot safely arrive at their destinations due to substandard road conditions on private roads – this can stem from certain road materials, narrow right-of-way width, steep slope, sharp corners, and hanging tree branches, to list a few common concerns. According to several local emergency service operators, a large number of private roads cannot accommodate fire trucks passing each other at reasonable speed.

The Subdivision By-law (created in 2018) addresses minimum standards for the construction of new private roads, but not for the maintenance of private roads.

Council wants to hear from residents about their thoughts on private roads and the implementation of minimum standards for private road maintenance. Those interested in giving their input are cordially invited to attend one of the following four Public Drop-In Sessions:

New Germany Legion, September 19, 2 to 3pm
New Germany Legion, September 19, 6:30 to 7:30pm
Lunenburg Fire Hall, September 24, 2 to 3pm
Lunenburg Fire Hall, September 24, 6:30 to 7:30pm

The Municipality thrives when residents have their voices heard. As those who live, work and play in our region, residents know the most about issues and challenges facing their community.

Join us at one of the events, or contact Byung Jun Kang, Planner at (902) 530-3480 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




The Municipality of the District of Lunenburg will be holding a Special Council in camera meeting on Tuesday, August 13, 2019 at 9:00 a.m.

The meeting will be conducted as required under the Municipal Governement Act, with the in camera meeting being held to discuss a matter under Section 22(2)(c) Personnel Matters.


Alex Dumaresq

Acting Chief Administrative Officer


Special Council Meeting - August 13, 2019



The Municipality of the District of Lunenburg is seeking citizens from the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg to become members of the Police Advisory Board and assist Council in working with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to develop a vision on how policing services are to be delivered to the citizens of the Municipality. 

The Police Advisory Board is established under the Authority of the Nova Scotia Police Act and consists of three (3) elected Municipal Council representatives, three (3) citizen appointments and one (1) member appointed by the Minister of Justice. 

There are two vacancies – one 2-year term and one 3-year term.

Letters of application will be received from residents of the Municipality by the undersigned until 4:00 p.m. on Friday, August 30th, 2019.   Letters of application should include a brief biography of the individual and information on skills or assets that will be useful to the Board.  An applicant must supply three professional and/or volunteer related references.  All applicants must consent to criminal and background checks.

Alex Dumaresq, Deputy Chief Administrative Officer
Municipality of the District of Lunenburg
210 Aberdeen Road
Bridgewater NS B4V 4G8
Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Due to the rain forecast, the opening of River Ridge Common day park has been moved to this Saturday, July 13th at 2pm. Join us!

April 9, 2019 – At a special joint meeting between the Town of Bridgewater (TOB) and the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg (MODL) on April 9, the Councils declined the funding request of the South Shore Field House Society (which operates the HB Studios Sports Centre), and instead directed their respective CAOs to prepare a report on alternative models for the sustainable operation of the fieldhouse facility.

“As the public is aware, HB Studios Sports Centre is struggling right now under the weight of its debts,” said Bridgewater Mayor David Mitchell. “Both the Town and the Municipality recognize the importance of this regional facility – it is one of just a handful of year-round indoor turf facilities in the entire province. It not only serves soccer players and a variety of other athletes of all ages from Lunenburg and Queens counties, but it’s also an asset that draws people in from other parts of Nova Scotia and has a positive economic impact on our region.”

The South Shore Field House Society opened HB Studios Sports Centre in 2006. At that time, both municipal units agreed to each contribute a combined $620,000 in operating funds over 10 years. During this time, the Society was unable to pay off the capital debt from the construction of the facility. Today, the Society’s debt stands at more than $400,000.

Though the facility is the only indoor sports field in the area and boasts a diverse user group, the cost to run such a facility is high. In 2018/2019, the municipalities contributed $32,000 from MODL and $25,000 from TOB. This spring, the Society requested that the municipalities each commit to contributing more than $40,000 per year for a period of five years to help alleviate the Society’s debt and cash-flow issues.

After careful consideration of this most recent request, the Councils agreed that in order to balance the needs and requests of community groups with fiscal responsibility and accountability, the current funding request cannot be supported. Instead, the CAOs will work with the Society and other stakeholders to develop alternatives for Council consideration that would allow the facility to operate in a fiscally sustainable manner. 

“Our Council is very interested in working with the Town of Bridgewater, and continuing a dialogue with stakeholders, including the Society, to explore other options for the future sustainable operation of the facility,” said the Municipality’s Mayor, Carolyn Bolivar-Getson. “Our goal is to ensure that fieldhouse remains part of our region’s vibrant recreational offerings. Our Councils firmly believe that there is a path forward and it must be a true collaborative effort with all local municipalities helping to share the load.”


For further information please contact:

David Mitchell
Mayor, Town of Bridgewater

Tammy Wilson
CAO, Town of Bridgewater

Sarah Kucharski
Communications Officer, MODL

Phone: (902) 541-1328

2019 Fire Tax Rate Payers Meeting Dates

Municipal user fees are increasing by 5% on April 1. The changes are expected to generate approximately $5,000 in increased revenues for the Municipality.

Bylaw Amendment, Planning Strategy

$525 + Advertising

Development Agreement

$525 + Advertising

Development Permit


Final Plan of Subdivision

$105 + each lot after two lots $26

Fire Inspection Fees


Map Book


Map Reproduction Fee


Map Reproduction Fee

/Sq Ft $0.55

Planning Documents


Private Road Maintenance & Improvement


Property Record Certificate




Zoning Certificate



$21 per hour + HST

Ballfield League

$19 per hour + HST

MARC Rental Fee

$11 per hour + HST

MARC Residence Fee

$5 per person + HST per night

Dog Tag - Replacement


Fax (per page)


NSF Cheques


Photocopies - B & W (per page)


Photocopies - Colour (per page)


Tax Certificate


Tax Sale Admin Fee


Verbal Tax Information


Sewer Permit Fee




MUNICIPALITY OF THE DISTRICT OF LUNENBURG                                                            

Re Approval of Amendments to the

By-law Respecting the LaHave River Wastewater Management District

Please be advised that on February 12, 2019, Municipal Council approved the By-law to Amend the By-law Respecting the LaHave River Wastewater Management District.  The By-law amended the By-law Respecting the LaHave River Wastewater Management District to create a formal appeal process and to deal with two housekeeping items.

The amendments to the By-law become effective on the publishing date of this notice.

A copy of the By-law, which is now in effect, is available at the Municipal Administration Office, 210 Aberdeen Road, Bridgewater, between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday and on the Municipal Website at, municipal-services/administration/by-laws.  Further information may be obtained by contacting the Municipal Clerk at 902-541-1323.

Sherry Conrad

Municipal Clerk

Taking the t­est at  will help provide a basis for regional high-speed broadband planning

July 19, 2018 - Residents and business owners in three municipalities on the South Shore can now use an online test to reveal the performance of their Internet service – a measurement that will aid the region’s broadband development. The project is being cost shared by three municipal units.

The Internet Performance Test (IPT) was developed by the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) as a way to collect highly detailed information about the quality of internet service. The IPT measures some 100 different Internet connection factors beyond the speed of the network, to give planners information on latency (how much delay is in a connection) and the ability of your computer to connect with the latest Internet Protocols. The IPT is being administered in Atlantic Canada by the non-profit group i-Valley, which also helped to develop the tool. The IPT will map the ‘digital divide’ for our rural communities, and help municipalities prioritize those areas with poorer service.

Carolyn Bolivar-Getson, Mayor, Municipality of the District of Lunenburg, stated that “Access to high-speed internet is of critical importance to the Municipality, and a key priority for our Council. We have been proactive in developing a Municipal Internet Connectivity Strategy, and investing in projects bringing better Internet to our municipality. The Internet Performance Test will give us information that will help us continue to invest in Internet and create a community in which families choose to live.”

“The use of broadband communications is fundamental to improve our economic, environmental and social well-being,” said Allen Webber, Warden, Municipality of the District of Chester. “Broadband is cited as a number one factor in choosing a residence location. Businesses also need broadband in order to compete in the digital economy; if we have world-class standards, we give them a better chance to be world-class businesses.”

Mayor David Dagley of the Region of Queens Municipality added, “The time is right to pursue regional broadband network improvements. Provincial and federal funding will become available to enable Municipalities that are prepared, to support high speed network construction. Our Municipality will continue to source funding towards improving internet service in Queens, which has become an essential service. All residents are encouraged to take the speed test to help ensure that our current networking status is clarified, to enable proper funding applications to be prepared”.

A one-button test

The IPT is community-specific to the South Shore. People in their home or business just click on a URL and launch the test, which only takes 30 seconds. Within that time, the test analyzes more than 100 variables that range from speed to quality - all the factors that could be slowing a resident down or affecting the reliability of their service.

The IPT results are displayed for everyone on a map of the region, colour-coded to highlight service quality. A red zone is poor; a blue zone is good. The IPT ranges from zero to the new national speed goal of 50 Megabits per second (Mbps). 

The further the speed drops below 25 Mbps the redder the map gets; the faster the speed the bluer it gets.

Those without any Internet connection can go to a connected facility, browse to the South Shore IPT Web site, and click on “If you wish to inform us of a location without internet access, click here”.  They will then have the opportunity to place a pin on the map. They can also contact their Municipality’s Economic Development Officer to provide their address by phone.

The tests are location-specific, registering each house or business as the buttons are pressed. People are encouraged to take the test as many times as possible, as speed results may vary over times of day.

In addition to creating a baseline for network planning, the IPT helps communities obtain evidence-based performance data for their community that will provide support for funding applications to governments to ensure sufficient broadband access.

Please click on this link to use the South Shore Internet Performance Test:  

The test will be run continuously over the coming months. Residents of the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg, Municipality of the District of Chester and Region of Queens Municipality will receive reminder notifications to take the test through several methods, including postcards at key locations in the community, flyers, social media posts, website posts, and through newspaper and radio. All residents, regardless of whether they have good internet service, poor internet service or no internet service are encouraged to take part in the test. The higher the rate of participation by residents, the more accurate the final data will be, which will provide a map that shows accurately the areas with substandard internet service.


For further information please contact:

Sarah Kucharski, Communications Officer, MODL
Phone: (902) 541-1328

Erin Lowe, Economic Development Officer, Municipality of Chester
Phone: (902) 275-2599

Heather Cook, Communications and Engagement Coordinator, Region of Queens Municipality
Phone: (902) 354-5741