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What is Local Food Security?
Local food security means that everyone in the community has enough safe and nutritious food available to them, both physically and economically, to maintain a healthy and active life. This concept has four main aspects, known as pillars:
1. Availability: This refers to having enough nutrient-rich food accessible to all people.
2. Access: This means that everyone should have the physical and economic means to obtain the necessary food.
3. Stability: A resilient food system that can withstand challenges, whether they're economic or environmental.
4. Utilization: The efficient use of food resources without unnecessary waste.

Why is Local Food Important?
Local food offers various benefits for individuals and the environment:
1. Nutrition and Taste: Local produce often tastes better and contains more nutrients since it's allowed to ripen naturally due to shorter travel times.
2. Supporting the Local Economy: Purchasing local products contributes to the local economy and supports farmers and producers.
3. Safety and Environmental Concerns: Buying local ensures adherence to strict regulations on harmful chemicals, pesticides, and additives, promoting food safety. Additionally, it reduces carbon emissions associated with transporting food over long distances.

How is the Municipality Taking Action?
The Municipality of the District of Lunenburg (MODL) is taking steps to enhance local food security:
1. Baseline Assessment and Surveys:  In the summer of 2023, MODL conducted public surveys for both residents and businesses. These surveys will provide insights into local food consumption patterns. The "What We Heard" report, detailing the survey findings, is set to be published in the fall of 2023. 
2. Local Food Security Action Plan: MODL will develop a plan that outlines strategies and programs to address food security. This plan will focus on specific actions to be completed by 2030.
3. Exploring a Food Hub: MODL is considering the creation of a Food Hub to enhance local food options and streamline distribution. The food hub is a central facility that connects local farmers, producers, and consumers. This potential hub would promote collaboration and efficient distribution of local food, and could potentially play a significant role in improving food security.

Through these initiatives, the Municipality aims to enhance food security, support local producers, and promote a healthier, more sustainable community.

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