June 26, 2018 / For Immediate Release 

BRIDGEWATER, NOVA SCOTIA – The Municipality of the District of Lunenburg adopted a Municipal Internet Connectivity Strategy on Tuesday, June 26, 2018.

“Providing reliable high-speed Internet access is critical to the growth and success of the region,” said Mayor Carolyn Bolivar-Getson. “Providing this access will take time, funding and partnerships with other levels of government, private business, non-profit organizations and the community to develop solutions that will work for our communities. I believe the Municipal Internet Connectivity Strategy provides the direction and framework for moving us forward.”

“In our Five-Year Financial Strategy, we have allocated $500,000 a year in capital and operating funds to Internet projects each year. We expect these funds to be used to leverage much larger investments by our Provincial, Federal and ISP partners, much like recently announcement Internet projects in our community,” said Bolivar-Getson.

The Municipality continues to research and seek out opportunities to further enhance the Internet service to residents and communities. We welcome others to help us identify potential projects as well. Projects could be brought forth by other levels of government, the private industry, individuals or non-profit community groups.

The strategy takes into consideration the provincial government’s Internet strategies and the I-Valley report financially supported by the Municipality, and builds on the knowledge and partnerships the Municipality has developed in pursuing the short and long-term funding opportunities. It is based on Council and Committee discussions, public engagement, research with various partners, Provincial and Federal funding opportunities and reports, and practical experience gained with the Sweetland pilot project.

The complete strategy is available at: www.modl.ca/Internet

The Municipality of the District of Lunenburg is committed to building a community where people choose to live, work and play.  


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