public works

Complete this form (Sewer Work Permit) to submit an application for a sewer connection or disconnection in the area services by sewer in Conquerall Bank (Shore Drive and Riverside Heights), Cookville, Hebbville, and New Germany.

Note - A minimum deposit of $100 is required at the time of application. An additional fee of $19.685 per lineal metre of property frontage (minimum of $450) applies for all sewer connections except Cookville.

A disconnection must be completed to 'Standard Specification for Municipal Services' which requires the sewer lateral be capped at the property line with a marker stake painted red. See link Standard for Sanitary Sewer Service Connection

Complete this form (Water Connection) to submit an application to connect to water services on MacCulloch Road, Cookville.  A minimum charge of $7,589 applies.