Princes Inlet Plan Review - 2014-2015

Council adopted a new Secondary Planning Strategy and Land Use By-law for the Princes Inlet Plan Area on January 12, 2016, repealing the existing set of planning documents., The new documents were subsequently reviewed by the NS Department of Municipal Affairs, and effective by the date of Public Notice in the local newspaper - February 17th, 2016.

The policies and regulations for the Princes Inlet Plan Area are found here.





In 2014-2015, the Municipality will be working with the Princes Inlet Area Advisory Committee, to review and update the Princes Inlet & Area Secondary Planning Strategy & Land Use By-law.  In working with the local Area Advisory Committee, a number of meetings are expected to be held. Please note that AAC Meetings are open to the public: any residents or landowners interested in the Plan Review process can attend. Preliminary agendas for the meetings are made available to interested parties through email, approximately one week prior to a meeting date.

Please refer back to this particular webpage, which will be updated over the course of the Plan Review, as related information and materials from past meetings are posted.

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Update: December 10th

Following the December 9th Public Hearing, Council deferred making a decision on the 2015 draft Princes Inlet & Area Secondary Planning Strategy & Land Use By-law until the next Municipal Council meeting, which is scheduled to occur on January 12th, 2016.



Council will hold a Public Hearing on Wednesday December 9th, 2015, at 7:00 PM. The Public Hearing is an opportunity for residents to make formal written or oral submissions to Council regarding the proposed documents which were presented to Municipal Council on November 10th, following the recommendations of the Planning Advisory Committee and the Princes Inlet Area Advisory Committee. A copy of the Public Notice regarding the Public Hearing is available here (weblink).

Staff will provide a presentation on the proposed planning documents to the general public at a Public Information Meeting on Tuesday December 1st, 2015, at 7.00PM. The Information Session is an opportunity to ask questions of staff, in regard to the draft Plan and By-law, prior to the Public Hearing date.

Both meetings will be taking place in the large conference room at the Mahone Bay Centre, 45 School St, in the town of Mahone Bay.

A copy of the draft documents that were presented to Council are available in PDF format immediately below:

DRAFT Princes Inlet & Area Secondary Planning Strategy v.2.1 & accompanying Map 1

DRAFT Princes Inlet & Area Land Use By-law v.2.1 & accompanying Schedule A (Zoning Map) & Schedule B (Development Constraints Map)



 On Tuesday October 13th, the Princes Inlet Area Advisory Committee recommended a set of draft documents for consideration to Council and Planning Advisory Committee. (See related materials below.)

On Thursday October 29th, the Municipality's Planning Advisory Committee passed a motion recommending a set of draft documents to Council. (LINK to PAC Agenda)

A presentation to Council on the Princes Inlet Plan Review process occurred as part of the Tuesday November 10th Municipal Council Agenda. A copy of the documents presented to Council is included in the Agenda package, which is accessible here (weblink). Council conducted First Reading on November 10th, and set a date for a Public Hearing.


Plan Review AAC Meeting Materials, following the Summer 2015 Public Information Meetings


Tuesday October 13th - Preliminary Agenda

Review - DRAFT Secondary Planning Strategy v.2

Review - DRAFT Land Use By-law v.2



Monday September 14th - Preliminary Agenda

Plan Review - Public Input resulting from Feedback Form

Plan Review - Comparison on related Regulations re: Frontage, Lot Area, AND Setback Requirements




An information meeting regarding the Princes Inlet Plan Review was held Monday July 13th , at 7:00PM, at the Mahone Bay Centre. It noted proposed changes and additions to the Draft Secondary Planning Strategy and Land Use By-law, as has been discussed at meetings of the Area Advisory Committee over the last year.

Planning staff also presented at the general meeting of the local Property Owners Association, on August 18th. A copy of the draft Secondary Planning Strategy and Land Use By-law, and related maps, as presented in July and August, are found immediately below:

DRAFT Secondary Planning Strategy v.1.3

DRAFT Map 1 (part of Strategy)

DRAFT Land Use By-law v.1.3

DRAFT Schedule A - ZONING MAP (part of By-law)

DRAFT Schedule B - CONSTRAINTS MAP (part of By-law)

Property owners in the Princes Inlet Plan Area were sent by mail an Information Notice, outlining this meeting. At both the July and August meeting, two other documents were also made available to local residents:

July 13 Meeting Information Sheet

July 13 Feedback Form


Meeting Materials, May 2014-June 2015:


Monday June 15th - Preliminary Agenda

(draft) Information Pamphlet for Community Meeting

Plan Review - Draft Land Use By-law (version 1.1 - sections 6-10 excerpt)

Meeting Notes (no Quorum)


Tuesday May 19th - Preliminary Agenda

Plan Review - Draft Land Use By-law (version 1.0 - sections 1-5)



Monday April 13 - Preliminary Agenda

Plan Review - Draft Strategy (version 1.2 - all sections 1-7)



Monday March 2 - Preliminary Agenda

Plan Review - Draft Strategy (ongoing re: Section 3, also Sections 4-5)



Monday January 26 - Preliminary Agenda

Item 3(a) - Plan Review - Draft Strategy (Sections 1-3 - for AAC review, with edits)



Monday December 1 - Preliminary Agenda 

Item 3(b) - Plan Review - Draft Strategy (Framework)



Monday October 27 - Preliminary Agenda

Item 3(a) - Plan Review: Memo re: Regulations  "home - based" occupations



Monday September 22 - Preliminary Agenda

Item 3(a) - Plan Review: Lot Frontage requirements (identified regulations)



Monday August 25 - Preliminary Agenda

Item 3(a) - Plan Review: Environmental Protection policy (Report)



A copy of the presentation undertaken at last year's Ratepayers Association Annual General Meeting, held Tuesday August 19th 2014, can be accessed at the link below:

Presentation on Local Land Use Planning


Monday July 21 - Preliminary Agenda

Item 3(a) - Plan Review: Rural / Residential Zoning Designations Chart



Monday June 23 - Preliminary Agenda

Item 2(a) - Correction to Background Report MAP 7

Item 3(a) - Plan Review: proposed Planning Strategy Framework

Item 3(b) - Plan Review: Committee Review & Discussion on Objectives



Wednesday May 21 - Preliminary Agenda

Item 2(a) - Power Point presentation: AAC Membership Orientation

Item 3(a) - 2014 Princes Inlet Plan Review: Background Report & Related Mapping (note: file memory size is large)




(Meeting minutes will be posted as they are accepted by the Committee) 

  --- subsequent meeting dates to be determined ---