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During the regular session of the Municipal Council on June 9, 2020, Council passed two motions that affect the Fire Service.

  1. Departments incorporated under the Societies Act. Under section 6 of Policy MODL-36, are required to hold an annual ratepayers’ meetings to review the budgets and vote on a fire tax rate for the next fiscal year. The motion passed allows those department incorporated as a Society to forgo the requirement for this year’s ratepayers meeting, as long as no increase is planned for this fiscal year. Any department planning to increase their fire tax rate will still be required to hold a meeting via a virtual or teleconference means.
  1. Fire and Emergency Services who are incorporated by Provincial Legislation either in the form of the Rural Fire District Act or under an Act of Legislation have the legislative power to set a rate and hold a ratepayers’ meeting to discuss the rate approved while others are required to hold an annual ratepayers meeting and approve the rate at this meeting. Since these Incorporations are Provincially legislated, MODL cannot waive the requirement stated in the legislation to hold an annual meeting. Council did pass a motion to requesting the Minister of Municipal Affairs to also waive these meetings. If the Minister of Municipal Affairs waives this meeting requirement, we will let you know.

If you have any questions about what this means for your department, please let me know.


Chris Kennedy

Fire Services Coordinator