Please be advised that due to the impending storm there are to be no boats tied to the wharf.

Further information will be posted after the storm.


Located at 28 Back Harbour Road, Garden Lots, Sawpit Park is a waterfront area that allows water access to Lunenburg's Back Harbour and the Atlantic Ocean.

The park has a boat launch, picnic and parking areas, benches, a privy and a wharf that you can walk out on.

The Municipal Recreation Department has been busy preparing Sawpit Wharf, located at Garden Lots, for this year's boating season.

Struck in January 2012, the Sawpit Wharf Advisory Committee has been very busy putting plans for the site into action. With $26,000 in funding from the Atlantic Canadian Opportunities Agency, announced in January 2013, these plans can now become a reality.

The Sawpit Wharf by-law was approved by Council on March 26, 2013.

One of the biggest changes has been the implementation of a floating finger wharf system. The recreation department has created a permitting system and fees for tie-ups, a new development at the wharf which will increase water access and safety for residents and visitors alike. The floating wharves are for punts and tenders of 12 feet and under. While space for recreational boaters will be allocated based on a permitting system, there will still be some public tie-up spots for day use. Although floating dock permit applications for the 2013 season closed on May 17, you can always contact the Municipal recreation department for more information on the floating wharf permitting system.

There have also been major improvements to parking facilities at Sawpit Wharf, with the paving of a new upper parking lot. This upper lot will provide better access for vehicles and trailers who wish to stay up to 72 hours, or longer with a permit from the Municipality. Trailers and vehicles can also be parked in the lower parking lot, but for day use only.

Did you know that Sawpit Wharf offers more than just boating opportunities? There is a great amount of green space right on the water, with picnic tables and lots of area to play. Come and enjoy the water from the land! Visit Sawpit Wharf for an excellent spot to access the beautiful islands off our beautiful coastline. And remember that this is a pets on leash park!


Floating Dock Permit Application - Sawpit Wharf









Park Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Sherbrooke Lake Advisory Committee is to provide advice to MODL on the design, development, and operations of the park.  The Committee’s work will be to have the land developed to ensure public access in such a way that will respect the natural environment and surrounding community.  The Committee is comprised of three individuals from MODL and three individuals from MODC.  

Park Advisory Committee Meetings

Next Meeting Date & Time:    Monday, November 26, 2018 @ 7:00pm

Place:   Forest Heights Community School, Chester Grant


                                                     ****Please check this website in case of cancellation due to weather*****


Park Advisory Committee Documents

Please click the links below for Sherbrooke Lake Park Advisory Committee documents. For more information, contact Tissy Bolivar, A/Director of Recreation Services, at (902) 541-1333 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Sherbrooke Lake Stewardship Committee


The purpose of the Sherbrooke Lake Stewardship Committee is to develop a water quality monitory program to establish a baseline to aid in the evidence-based decisions concerning the development of the property.  The Committee is comprised of a representative from Bluenose Coastal Action Foundation, a professional with knowledge of techniques of water quality monitoring, two residents and/or land owners in each of MODL and MODC.  The Committee’s role is strictly advisory in nature. 


Stewardship Committee Meetings


Next Meeting Date & Time: Thursday, February 28, 2019

Place: Forest Heights Community School, Chester Basin


                                                     ****Please check this website in case of cancellation due to weather*****

Stewardship Committee Documents


Please click the links below for Sherbrooke Lake Stewardship Committee documents. For more information, contact Trudy Payne, Director of Recreation Services, at (902) 541-1333 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

- Terms of Reference

SLSC Agenda - February 28, 2019

SLSC Minutes - January 11, 2018

SLSC Minutes - November 2, 2017 

SLSC Minutes - October 5, 2017

Owned by the District of Lunenburg since 2011, River Ridge Common is a 115 acre park in the north end of the Municipality.

Phase One includes trails that meet accessibility guidelines and a large natural playground with features that encourage exploration, adventure and skills development. Phase Two, coming in November 2019, will include washrooms, single track mountain bike trails, additional accessible trails, an Off Highway Vehicle pull off and picnic area next to the rail trail. Phase Three will include a lookoff and naturalized gardens.

Spanning both side of the South Shore Annapolis Valley Trail, River Ridge Common offers scenic opportunities to view Indian Brook Falls and a ravine down to Ross Brook.


River Ridge Common Trail Map 2


Through a partnership with the Best Western Cookville, the Arthur Young Trail was officially opened in 2012. Arthur Young served 42 consecutive years as Councillor for the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg. The name was chosen by a student at Newcombville Elementary to recognize Councillor Young's last year of service prior to retirement.

There is ample parking at the trailhead, adjacent to the Best Western on Trunk 10 at civic number 523.

Arthur Young 4 Large


At first, the trail follows a ridge high above the LaHave River, through forests of tall oak trees. The trail is surfaced with fine gravel, 10 feet wide, and is designed for multi-use; users can expect to see Off-Highway Vehicles (OHVs). After a breathtaking scenic view over the LaHave River Valley and the Town of Bridgewater, the trail turns to a series of switchbacks through a mature pine forest as it winds downhill towards the river. Several benches are in place to take a rest – it is easy to go down but a bit more challenging to go up!

The Arthur Young Trail joins the Centennial Trail, connecting to the Town of Bridgewater on both sides of the LaHave River. Heading north, users can connect to the LaHave River Trail which leads to the Cookville Provincial Park, and to the South Shore Annapolis Valley Trail.

The Best Western Cookville welcomes and encourages Off-Highway Vehicle users to stay at their hotel. OHV operators can find on-site, secure parking facilities, heated storage spaces, machine clearing facilities, and restaurants and services within a short walking distance from the hotel. The Arthur Young Trail, as a multi-use trail that leads to destinations across the municipality, is an important location for OHV access for residents and visitors alike.

Leash your pet. Hunting, trapping and overnight camping are prohibited in all Municipal parks and green spaces.

Arthur Young Trail Map


Looking for up-to-date contact information for sport and recreation organizations? You may remember that the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg's recreation department used to publish a 'Lunenburg County Youth Activity Contacts' directory. However, contact information is always changing, and we found we could no longer accurately maintain this information.

In its place is, a growing database of recreation opportunities in our region.

South Shore is the information gateway for individuals, groups and families to better navigate sport, recreation and physical activity opportunities in Lunenburg, Queens, Shelburne and Yarmouth Counties.

South Shore is a joint venture supported by South Shore Active Communities (SSAC), Lunenburg Queens Recreation Coordinators/Directors Association (LQRCDA), Yarmouth Shelburne Municipal Recreation Association (YSMRA), and the Province of Nova Scotia.

The site is available now, and we invite you to visit and search for what you're looking for! There is information on many sport organizations, program registration, cultural activities, funding opportunities, trails, and much much more.


South Shore Connect


Our Recreation department staff only monitor the ice at the MARC pond in Dayspring. Staff check the pond daily for proper conditions (at least 8 inches), and then notify our front counter staff if the pond is open or closed. 

For the latest information on pond conditions, please call the Recreation desk at (902)541-1343.


Want to check the condition of ice at your local pond? Below is information from the Canadian Red Cross on ice thickness and safety.

Ice Factors

Many factors affect ice thickness including: type of water, location, the time of year and other environmental factors such as:

  • Water depth and size of body of water.
  • Currents, tides and other moving water.
  • Chemicals including salt.
  • Fluctuations in water levels.
  • Logs, rocks and docks absorbing heat from the sun.
  • Changing air temperature.
  • Shock waves from vehicles traveling on the ice.

Ice Colour

The colour of ice may be an indication of its strength:

  • Clear blue ice is strongest.
  • White opaque or snow ice is half as strong as blue ice. Opaque ice is formed by wet snow freezing on the ice.
  • Grey ice is unsafe. The grayness indicates the presence of water.

Did you know ice thickness should be:

  • 15 cm for walking or skating alone
  • 20 cm for skating parties or games
  • 25 cm for snowmobiles.

Check with local authorities before heading out. Avoid going out on ice at night.

When You Are Alone On Ice

If you get into trouble on ice and you're by yourself:

  • Call for help.
  • Resist the immediate urge to climb back out where you fell in. The ice is weak in this area.
  • Use the air trapped in your clothing to get into a floating position on your stomach.
  • Reach forward onto the broken ice without pushing down.
  • Kick your legs to push your torso on the ice.
  • When you are back on the ice, crawl on your stomach or roll away from the open area with your arms and legs spread out as far as possible to evenly distribute your body weight.
  • Do not stand up!
  • Look for shore and make sure you are going in the right direction.

When You Are With Others On Ice

  • Rescuing another person from ice can be dangerous. The safest way to perform a rescue is from shore.
  • Call for help. Consider whether you can quickly get help from trained professionals (police, fire fighters or ambulance) or bystanders.
  • Check if you can reach the person using a long pole or branch from shore – if so, lie down and extend the pole to the person.
  • If you go onto ice, wear a PFD and carry a long pole or branch to test the ice in front of you. Bring something to reach or throw to the person (e.g. pole, weighted rope, line or tree branch).
  • When near the break, lie down to distribute your weight and slowly crawl toward the hole.
  • Remaining low, extend or throw your emergency rescue device (pole, rope, line or branch) to the person.
  • Have the person kick while you pull them out.
  • Move the person to a safe position on shore or where you are sure the ice is thick. Signal for help.

Did you know that there is approximately 120 km of abandoned rail line in the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg?

These "rails-to-trails" are managed by six active community groups in various stages of trail development:

  • Bay to Bay Trail Association - approximately 10 km between the Towns of Mahone Bay and Lunenburg
  • Dynamite Trail – approximately12 km from Martin's River to the Town of Mahone Bay
  • Adventure Trail – approximately 14 km from Mahone Bay to Bridgewater
  • South Shore Annapolis Valley Recreational Trail – approximately 43 km within the District – 125 km overall
  • LaHave River Trail Association - under development (no connection as yet), approximately 25 km from the Town of Bridgewater to New Germany
  • Bull Run Trail Association - approximately 25 km from Bridgewater to the Region of Queens

These groups help the Recreation Department of the Municipality to create more opportunities for recreation and leisure as well as more benefits to our local communities.

Each volunteer trail board has representation from a variety of trail enthusiasts – OHV users, equestrians, bicyclists, walkers, etc. All groups have spent a significant amount of time working together to ensure that these proposed trail developments will provide accessible outdoor recreation opportunities to all community members in an area where none currently exist. These community based efforts have acted as a catalyst for community involvement, fostering community pride and a lively community atmosphere that encourages responsible trail use. Community trail development helps ensure stewardship and community buy-in. This means that the trail will be well-maintained and cared for over a longer period of time. Issues and concerns can be addressed on a community level, and each community is unique, so solutions to trail issues may be different for each community trail.

Trails allow for improved physical and mental health as well as the social well-being of a community. Overall, trails enhance the quality of life for local residents in our communities.

There are also several trails in the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg that exist outside of the "rails-to-trails" program. See the side menu for more information on these trails.

Please leash your pet. Hunting, trapping and overnight camping are prohibited on all Municipal parks and green spaces.

For more information on all trails in the Municipality, contact Laura Barkhouse, Trails & Open Space Coordinator, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Lastest update: We have a new trail map brochure, created in the spring of 2015. Click below for both sides of the digital copy. You can also pick up a hard copy of the brochure at our Municipal Office at 210 Aberdeen Road.


Trail Map 2015 Side B JPG


Active transportation includes walking and biking, but also rollerblading, kayaking, skateboarding, scootering, and any other form of human-powered transportation. In the winter, active transportation takes the form of cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and even dog-sledding! Active transportation enhances quality of life, attracts business and knowledge workers to a community and contributes to economic development.

The District of Lunenburg has realized the necessity and benefits of active transportation, and developed an Active Transportation (AT) Plan specific to the Municipality in 2010.

To view the AT Plan, please click here.

Our AT Plan involved extensive community consultation and focuses on the rural nature of our municipality. It can be challenging to develop AT in a spread-out community such as ours, but the benefits that can be realized are certainly worth it!

Currently the Municipality is focusing on implementation of the AT Plan, with the Active Living Coordinator being the key contact for these projects.

The Active Living Strategy is now complete! Please click here to read the strategy. You can also request a copy by contacting Britt Vegsund, Active Living Coordinator, at (902)541-1336 or by e-mailing bThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Active Living Strategy

We have all heard the alarming statistics: Nova Scotians, particularly in southwest Nova Scotia, are not active enough. In fact, most are not meeting the minimum requirements for physical activity, and this has dangerous consequences for both individual health and the health of our communities.

But the news is not all negative! Increasing physical activity is a very positive goal and working to achieve higher levels of activity and a healthy lifestyle can be a lot of fun.

In order to help communities in our municipality become more physically active, District of Lunenburg has recently become a partner in the Municipal Physical Activing Leadership (MPAL) program. Working with the NS Department of Health and Wellness and other key decision makers, the Active Living Coordinator will promote physical activity and lead the creation of a Physical Activity Strategy that is specific to the challenges and opportunities in our municipality.

Please stay tuned to this website as new programs, policies, and services are developed to help you and your family get active!

You can read the Active Living Strategy by clicking the picture below. You can also request a copy by contacting Britt Vegsund, Active Living Coordinator at 902-541-1336 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

 Rail Trail Walking Challenge Logo Final

Active Living Strategy

Content for this page to be developed.

To register for Recreation programs, visit:

The Municipal Recreation Department is committed to working with community organizations and residents to maximize recreational opportunties for everyone. Be it through programs, special events, facilities, parks, beaches, trails, open spaces or community partnerships, contact us first for information about Recreation in the District of Lunenburg. If we don't have the information you are looking for, we will do our best to help you find it.

Whether you want to walk, bike, hike, swim, boat, picnic, relax, or simply breathe deep, the Municipality has something for everyone.

Please note that all our parks are pet on leash parks except for Mushamush Beach Park where pets are prohibited. Hunting, trapping and overnight camping are prohibited on all Municipal parks and green spaces.

Some of our favourite spots are:

  • Hirtle's Beach
  • Indian Falls
  • MARC
  • Miller Point Peace Park
  • Mushamush Beach Park
  • Sawpit Park

Learn more about our Municipal Parks and Municipal Trails!

Some of our favorite events are:

  • Easter Egg Hunt
  • Annual Children's Fishing Derby
  • Sandcastle Competition at Rissers Beach
  • Family Pumpkin Parties
  • Take The Roof Off Winter

To learn more about our Programs and Events, click on the Recreation Guide on the left!

For a list for Community Organizations and Clubs please visit


Lunenburg Municipal Recreation offers a host of recreational programs and events throughout the year. A Recreation and Leisure Cooperative Program Brochure is issued for the Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall seasons listing programs for all ages.