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Understanding commercial, residential and occupancy classifications can be confusing.

There are three different types of classification that apply to your property and buildings.

  • The first that applies to ALL properties is the taxation classification of a property. These are based on the use of the land and buildings such as; resource, farm, resource forestry, residential and commercial; there can be multiple taxation classifications on a single piece of property. This classification alone does not determine acceptable uses of the land or building(s).
  • The zoning of a property is the classification of a property with regards to the land use bylaw that governs the permitted use(s) of your property. Please contact our Development Officer to confirm the zoning of your property and the uses that are permitted under the applicable land use bylaw.
  • ALL buildings are classified under the National Building Code based on the use of the building. The common classifications are residential, storage, business and personal services (eg offices, hair salons), mercantile (stores) and assembly (e.g. churches, restaurants). IF you wish to change the use of any building from one classification to another you require a building permit.

If you require any clarification or wish to discuss your project, please contact our office at 902-541-1325 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.