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It is the desire of Council that every property in the Municipality be maintained such that the property is not dangerous or unsightly. The definition of dangerous and unsightly premises and/or properties is as defined in Municipal Government Act Section 3(r) and derelict vehicle is defined in Section 3(v).

The process the Municipality follows in the enforcement of dangerous or unsightly properties is outlined in Council's Dangerous and Unsightly Property Policy MDL-07.

  1. Complaint received.
  2. Property inspected.
  3. If property is considered dangerous and/or unsightly, progress to step 4.
  4. Notice given to property owner giving 30 day deadline to remedy site. If the property is deemed an immediate danger to public safety, there may be no notice given.
  5. If property is not remedied, an Order may be issued.
  6. If property is still not remedied, MODL may remedy the site at the property owner's expense.
  7. If unpaid, a lein is placed on the property.

A complaint under the dangerous or unsightly policy must be accompanied by the name of the reporting resident or rate payer. To file a complaint or for more information, please contact the Building Office.