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Required Inspections During Construction

Inspections are required during the construction process to help ensure adherence to the National Building Code of Canada. The following inspections are set out in the Nova Scotia Building Code Regulations.

Below is a list of the stages for inspection:

Stage 1: Footing in place (prior to concrete for bigfoots/sonotubes)
Stage 2: Foundation with drain tile and not backfilled
Stage 3: General framing, flashing and sheathing membrane installed before siding
Stage 4: Outside finish generally complete including fireplace/flue, rough plumbing and insulation/vapour barrier but not drywall
Stage 5: Occupancy – exterior and interior complete
Stage A: Subfloor plumbing & rebar
Stage B: subfloor and foundation insulation, radon barrier & pipe

You will receive a checklist with your building permit indicating which inspections are required based on your project. It is your responsibility to contact this office to arrange for your inspections at the required stages so that any problems can be corrected before they become costly.

Please note: inspection slots fill up fast so please plan to allow for 2-3 business days when booking inspections. We are unable to book times, only dates; you do not need to be present for the inspection.

Inspections can be booked by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling 902-541-1325.