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Our Mission

The Municipality will maximize opportunities for social and economic development while retaining an attractive, sustainable and secure environment for the enjoyment of residents and visitors. Through responsible and professional leadership and in partnership with others, the Municipality will strive to improve the quality of life for all residents living and working in the larger community.

Vision Statement

We are a community of communities each with a unique history representing a diversity of cultural backgrounds and a mix of suburban and rural opportunities. We enjoy healthy lifestyles rooted in unrestricted access to the natural beauty of our region’s coastline, lakes and forests, a pristine environment and high quality community services.

Our caring and tolerant communities supported by a strong volunteer base provide a rich mosaic of services to enhance the quality of life in our region offering a lifelong home.

We are a progressive community with a sustainable, diversified economy incorporating both traditional resource based activities and a spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship that capitalizes on new economic opportunities. Our success is built on a strong work ethic and productive working relationships with our community and regional partners. We are a vital economic and service centre for the region.