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The Sherbrooke Lake Park Advisory Committee (SLAC) - strictly advisory in nature, the Park Advisory Committee was established to provide advice to MODL on the design, development and operations of the park, for the purposes of providing public access to Sherbrooke Lake.  The Park Committee will work towards having the land developed to ensure public access and that development is done in a manner that provides public space and access on Sherbrooke Lake that respects the natural environment and the surrounding community on Sherbrooke Lake, as outlined in the MOU.   Committee membership is comprised of equal representation of both MODL and MOC. Based on past reports, the MOU and using an adaptive management approach, a final park plan was developed by EDM Planning Services Ltd. and was presented to both Councils in the Fall of 2018. 

This committee is currently inactive until such a time as the project is re-started. 


Park Advisory Committee Documents

Please click the links below for Sherbrooke Lake Park Advisory Committee documents.