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The Recreation, Parks and Tourism Department is committed to working with community organizations and residents to maximize recreational opportunities for everyone. Be it through programs, special events, facilities, parks, beaches, trails, open spaces or community partnerships, contact us first for information about recreation in the District of Lunenburg. If we don't have the information you are looking for, we will do our best to help you find it.

To help ensure that we are welcoming to all users, we want to clearly state that everybody, regardless of race, gender, ability or sexual orientation, are welcomed everywhere.  We are embarking on a plan to ensure that our services better reflect the diverse population of people that enjoy them.  Incidents of racism, discrimination or intolerance will not be accepted.

So, what does our Recreation, Parks and Tourism Department do?

Community Development – through our extensive grant program, we offer support to local organizations, people and our youth. 

Programming & Special Events – we pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of programs and events for all ages, interests and abilities.

Parks & Trails - Whether you want to walk, bike, hike, swim, boat, picnic, relax, or simply breathe deep, the Municipality has something for everyone.  We are pleased to provide our community with beautiful places to spend time in nature, get active and stay connected with each other.

Active Living & Active Transportation - the Municipality is committed to creating healthier communities, achieved by investing in our parks, trails and open spaces and offering programming and opportunities that encourage physical activity and well-being.

Open Space Strategy – we are closely involved in the development and acquisition of open space in the Municipality and supports initiatives that encourage partnerships with stakeholders to open space ownership and management.

ASK Project - Active Smart Kids - the Municipality is proud to be leading an initiative supporting and integrating physical activity to children’s school days through Physically Active Lessons which are designed to engage all students and encourage collaborative and cooperative learning.

To register for Recreation programs, visit 

To learn more about our Programs and Events download the   default Recreation Guide (6.06 MB)

For a list for Community Organizations and Clubs please visit South Shore