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The Municipality of the District has adopted a Heritage By-law which enables Council to register a property as a Municipal Heritage Property.

How do I have my property registered as a municipal heritage property?

The following is the procedure for having a property registered as a Municipal Heritage Property:

  1. Initial request for consideration of designation of a heritage property is made. The request is made by way of submitting a Heritage Application form. This application form can be obtained on this website or at the Municipal Office at 210 Aberdeen Rd. The form must be completed, signed by the owner of the property, and submitted to the Planning Department.
  2. The application form is reviewed by the Heritage Advisory Committee (HAC).
  3. The HAC conducts an on-site evaluation (PDF Format) of the property and completes an evaluation report.
  4. The HAC meets to make a recommendation, which is then forwarded to Council.
  5. Council makes a decision regarding the registration of the property as a Municipal Heritage Property. If Council's recommendation is in favor, the following procedure is followed:
    • Notice of Recommendation ( at least 30 days prior to registration) is given to the registered property owner
    • No earlier than 3 weeks after service of notice, Council shall give the property owner the opportunity to speak.
    • Register Property (no less than 30 days before, nor more than 120 days after service of the notice of recommendation). A ‘Notice of Registration of Heritage Property’ is sent to registered owner of the property, and a copy is filed at the Registry of Deeds office.

Alterations to a Municipal Heritage Property

Once a Property is registered as a Municipal Heritage Property, any substantial alterations to the exterior of the structure is subject to the approval of Council. The reason for requiring Council’s approval is to ensure that the alteration does not alter the character and style of the heritage structure.

For further information please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Planner.

Heritage Contacts

For grant information and current application forms (for the GRANT programs), please contact:

Heritage Property Programs
Museum of Natural History
1747 Summer Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3H 3A6
Tel. 902-424-6396

H.S.T. rebate applications must be made through the municipal office.

Note: Grant applications must be received prior to work commencing.

Heritage Application Form, Heritage Registry Index and Heritage Evaluation Criteria

Please note that Heritage documents are available for downlaod in PDF format:

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