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Building permits and competent building practices along with professional builders ensure a minimum standard for housing. Effective April 1, 2017 the 2015 National Building Code of Canada has been adopted for use in all Municipalities in Nova Scotia. A system of permit approvals and inspections are used to make sure the requirements of the Building Code are achieved. We do not conduct pre-purchase inspections. If you require a private home inspection, you can use a search engine or referral from a real estate agent.

Except for a very few exemptions, all residential, commercial, industrial and institutional buildings constructed, altered, re-located or demolished in the Municipality require a municipal building permit. Conditions for approval vary considerably, and depending on the scale of the project, can be complex, and require considerable documentation. Our building inspectors can be reached at (902) 541-1325, and can provide the information you need to apply for a building permit.

Our Building Inspection Department can also provide fire safety inspections upon request. Again, please phone (902) 541-1325 for more information.


BizPal is an online service designed to help you identify which permits and licenses you may require to operate a business. You will be asked to answer a short series of questions about the nature and scope of your current or proposed business. Based on your answers, you will be provided with a customized list of potential permits and licences from all levels of government that you may require. Please note that all of the information that you provide is done so anonymously and that you may save or print your results for future reference.