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The Municipal Government Act authorizes a municipality to develop and adopt a municipal planning strategy and land use by-law. These documents outline the municipality's vision for the future and its strategy for managing challenges, such as social and economic issues.

The Municipality of the District of Lunenburg has a pdf Municipal Planning Strategy (627 KB)  for the entire Municipality. Its single purpose is to set up the framework for the Secondary Planning Strategies and Subdivision By-law. Regional planning was rejected in the mid-1970s; therefore, municipal-wide planning is not addressed in the Municipal Planning Strategy. Planning exists in such areas that have requested zoning and are governed by individual Secondary Planning Strategies and Land Use By-laws. The Municipality has seven Secondary Planning Strategies (please click each community for their individual strategy):

The Municipal Planning Strategy sets out Council's policies on the subdivision of land in support of the pdf Municipal Subdivision By-law (627 KB) .

Information on the subdivision process can be found here.