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To report a streetlight outage please contact Nova Scotia Power  or call1-800-428-6230.

You may also call the Engineering Department at (902) 541-1351. Please note that all complaints are recorded and monitored until resolved.

For traffic light outages, please contact Nova Scotia Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal at (902) 543-4671.

Apply for a Streetlight

To apply for a new streetlight, residents must submit a petition to the Municipality with signatures from 75% of the ratepayers within the area that the streetlight will serve. Along with the petition, residents should submit a map of which poles they would like streetlights installed. This same process is to be followed if you would like a streetlight removed.

Those signing the petition should decide if they would like the charge to be one uniform, equal amount per lot, or to have an area rate per $100.00 of your property assessment. In either case, the charge will be part of the taxes on your final tax bill in October. Council will decide the rate annually. The Municipality forwards all monies to Nova Scotia Power, so there is no profit to the Municipality, and no administration fee is charged for streetlight service.

Intersection streetlights, which benefit the entire community as a whole, are charged from the general tax rate. Applications to add or remove an intersection streetlight must include at least one cross road that is publicly-owned and maintained.

There are some circumstances where you do not need a petition to install or remove a streetlight. If your request for the addition or removal of a streetlight means that the number will not be more than 10% of the pre-existing number of lights in the local street light area, you do not need a petition. In this case, the request can go to your local Councillor, who will bring the matter to the Municipality.

For more information about streetlights in the Municipality, contact the office at (902) 543-8181.