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Residents are encouraged to voice their opinions, thoughts, and ideas about Municipality's services and our community. We encourage you to attend Council meetings, open houses, public workshops, and participate in surveys that let Council members know what you're thinking on a number of topics.

Our  pdf Citizen's Guide to Public Engagement (1.28 MB)  explains all the ways in which residents can keep informed, engage, and provide input to Council. 

Citizens Guide to Public Engagement

You can also read our pdf Public Engagement Strategy (537 KB)  to learn more.

Current Public Engagement Opportunities

  • Visit our public participation website, Engage MODL, at to view and participate in current opportunities.
  • If you would like to speak with someone about a municipal issue, we encourage you to reach out to your Councillor, attend the public hearing portion of an upcoming Council meeting, Policy & Strategy Committee meeting, or Finance meeting. Community groups are also able to make a formal presentation at the above meetings.
  • Please visit our new engagement website, Engage MODL, to view all current and past public participation opportunities.