It’s the time of year when people enjoy getting outside and walking with their dogs and family.

A couple things that can turn this pleasant adventure into a misadventure is for you or your family member to step in dog waste or have another dog approach you, your dog or family member.

Dog owners are reminded that the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg’s Dog By-law requires dog owners to pick up their dog’s waste and to have their dog under their control. The best way to have your dog under your control when they are in a public place or around other people and animals is to have them on a leash.

A natural misconception is that dog waste is natural fertilizer. Dog waste is high in nitrogen and phosphorus and other disease-causing bacteria and parasites that are harmful to the environment, humans and other animals. Make this a good summer and be a responsible dog owner by cleaning up your dog’s waste and having them under your control in public places.