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The Municipality has committed to two major projects to combat Lyme Disease. The first was funding an innovative bait station research project in Garden Lots and Blue Rocks. We worked in partnership with Dr. Robbin Lindsay of the National Microbiology Laboratory and the Public Health Agency of Canada on this research project, which finished in 2021. We expect to have the results of the study available in 2022.

Our second major project is an educational campaign. In addition to taking precautionary measures to avoid contact with ticks–wearing socks and closed-toed shoes, for example–we’re also encouraging residents and visitors of Lunenburg County to make tick checks part of their daily routine. As our radio ads say–Naked People are Deadly to Ticks!

The tick population is growing Nova Scotia, and it’s important to protect yourself and your family from ticks while enjoying the outdoors. Though ticks can be found anywhere, they’re typically found in or near woods, shrubs and long grass.

We encourage you to check your body each day for ticks and remove any you might see or feel. Start at your ankles and move up, taking special care around your knees, armpits, and head. Blacklegged ticks are very small, particularly during the nymph stage, so look carefully. Tick checks and quick tick removal remain among the best defenses against Lyme Disease, and it’s important to check every day. If you care for small children or anyone else in your household, be sure to help them check for ticks daily as well.

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