public works

The Engineering Department consists of:

  • Stephen Pace, MBA, P.Eng., Director of Engineering and Public Works
  • Jamie Burgess, P.Eng., Municipal Engineer
  • Matt Appleby, Certified Engineerng Technologist
  • Maria Butts, Project Coordinator
  • Jennifer Harrietha, Administrative Assistant
  • Dave Melbourne, Custodian
  • Satu Peori, M.A.Sc, P. Eng., - Manager of Wastewater Operations
  • Mike Arenburg, Wastewater Operator
  • Ron MacPhee, Wastewater Operator

Mr. Pace has administrative responsibilities for project management, solid waste collection, municipal sewer systems and capital projects.

Mr. Burgess has operational responsibilities for municipal buildings, municipal public roads and capital projects.

Mr. Appleby provides technical support to the Engineering Department.

Ms. Butts administrates the LaHave River Straight Pipe Project.

Ms. Harrietha provides administrative support for Engineering.

Mr. Melbourne provides custodial support for the Municipal Building.

Ms. Peori has administrative responsibilities for municipal sewer systems.

Mr. Arenburg and Mr. MacPhee are Direct Responsible Charges of three wastewater treatment plants and five collection systems.